Refer a Friend
Ok, so obviously we love dancing...and we're pretty sure you do too...this is why we wanted to let you know that now is the perfect time to share that love with your friends, family, and coworkers! We're officially launching our referral program here at Extreme Dancesport! This means that you now have the opportunity to earn some awesome rewards just for referring your friends! Read below for all the details and let's show your friends how much fun dancing at Extreme Dancesport can be!

It's simple. Refer a friend, have them sign up for any dance program (group classes, workshops, private lessons, etc.) and get $10 rewards credit on your Extreme Dancesport account. You can use it for any dance program we offer. That's it!

Terms and conditions: It's not redeemable for cash. Expires one year from the date of referral entered in our online scheduling system. You, the referrer, must already be an existing Extreme Dancesport student. You must refer someone that is new to the studio. A new student cannot refer a new student.

Here are two easy ways you can reach out to your friends and family:

1. We put together some nice little flyers that you just add your name to then pass out to everyone you think would love dancing at Extreme Dancesport. You can either pick these up at the Front Desk when you're at the studio or print them out by clicking HERE.

2. Of course we understand that your mind is probably churning with names of people you just can't wait to invite. We know you're busy so we're making it easy for you! We already wrote a quick email that you can send directly to your friends, no flyer needed! Just copy and paste the below email and blast it to your friends!

--- Email Start----


I know you have asked me about dancing in the past, so here's some information for you. Extreme Dancesport is the studio that I dance at and I know you'll have a great time there too! All you need to do is go to their website (link below) and sign-up for classes, private lessons, or parties. All their information is on their website but feel free to give them a call. They are all friendly there and are willing to help with anything.

Here's their website:


--- Email End----