Studio Policies

To ensure the highest quality dance experience at Extreme Dancesport, here are some helpful guidelines and policies. Please read carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

General Policy

  • Extreme Dancesport is not responsible for lost of stolen property.
  • Please keep our floors clean by taking off wet shoes prior to entering the studio and changing shoes on the carpet area.
  • Please do not touch studio mirrors as they can be damaged easily.
  • Please dispose of all trash and materials in the appropriate receptacles.
  • We ask that you respect your fellow classmates and instructors by not teaching your classmates.
  • Please feel free to address any concerns or issues with your instructor or studio management.
  • Observers must sit quietly and not disturb or distract the class or private lessons.

Purchase and Refund Policy

  • Purchases are final and there is no refund after a program has started.
  • In the event that a refund is requested prior to the start of a program, a 20% processing fee of the original purchase price will be charged.
  • Bounced checks will be assessed a $20 processing fee.
  • Purchases are not transferrable to other programs or individuals.

Group Class Policy

  • All scheduled enrollments are subject to our 24-hour per session cancellation policy.
  • Last-minute appointment and group class cancellations will be charged.
  • Group class series or class cards cannot be shared and are not transferrable to other individuals.
  • Cell phones must be turned off during class. No cell phone usage during class.
  • Student who are late to class more than fifteen minutes will not be permitted to participate in the class so please come early.
  • Video recording of the class is prohibited without advance permission from studio management and class instructor.
  • There is no refund or make-up classes for missed classes so please make every effort to attend all your enrolled classes.

Private Lesson Policy

  • All scheduled appointments are subject to our 24-hour per session cancellation policy. Double lessons require 48-hours in advanced notice.
  • Last-minute appointment and group class cancellations will be charged.
  • No cell phone usage during a private lesson.
  • No more than eight individuals can share a private lesson session.
  • No more than two individuals can share a first time student lesson.
  • All private lessons are held in shared rooms.

Practice Policy

  • Practice space is available during studio opening hours only.
  • Practice space and music are shared amongst all students and staff in the same room.
  • Practice music cannot be used when group class are in sessions. Bring your own iPod and headphones for music.
  • Payment must be taken prior to start of practice. Check our practice rates.