Don’t take our word for it. :)

Dear Helle

Thank you for your patience and kindness in teaching us to dance. Our first dance went well and our guests were impressed. We enjoyed the lessons with you and learning all of the different moves.

Alexandra and Ryan Harmon


Grazie Mille Helle!

We just wanted to let you know that our first dance was incredible!! People were so impressed by our dance, and they were even more impressed when we told them we learned all those moves in only 5 lessons with you! You are such an incredible woman and teacher. Every week we were looking forward for that Saturday because we were coming to see you, you weren't only our teacher your were our friend too. It is because of your ability to make us feel very comfortable and your great sense of humor that when you teach beginners like us those complicated moves we were able to learn them. You helped us find a new way to be together and to forget about everything else through dance, and that is something we swill always have in our lives now. We cannot thank you enough for that gift and you will always hold a special place within us as well.

Dustin and Natascia
September 2007


Thank you, Leon & Dance Extreme!!!

The first dance at our wedding was perfect. All our friends and family were cheering the whole time and loved it! And we felt great! Going to the dance lessons before our wedding was - as a surprise to us both - the most fun we had during the wedding planning. We will definitely recommend your studio. Here are a few pictures of the dance...

Best, Rebecca & Irwin , September 8, 2007


Hello Helle -

We wanted to thank you again for spending so much time with us to teach us a prefect wedding dance. Raul and I were married on August 11th,- a few weeks ago and we were both reluctant to take the time and spend the money to learn a first dance, but are we ever glad we did. We felt like there was no one else in the room besides us when we stepped onto the dance floor to our waltz. From the entrance to the steps to progressing to the final and dramatic dip, we felt confident and had so much fun dancing at our wedding. Our first dance was very special and friends and family commented that we looked great "out there" and we were both on the dance floor the entire evening while our band kept the whole place moving. We want to thank you again for working through finding the right dance for us (we never felt as confident with the foxtrot right off), but we felt like we were in a fairytale dancing that waltz. We thank you again and look forward to seeing you again to learn more in the future.

Meghan and Raul, San Jose , August 11th, 2007



We just wanted to thank you for all your help with creating our first dance! Joe danced perfectly and I actually followed! We definitely entertained our crowd. We had so much fun learning from you and hope to return for more lessons in the future!

All the best,
Joe and Kathryn (7-7-07 Wedding)


Dear Helle,

We wish to thank you for preparing us so well for our first dance as a married couple. Your ability to teach complicated moves to beginners like us is admirable. We are grateful that you not only helped us master the technique, but also taught us how to entertain our guests. Your enthusiasm and high energy were contagious. Each class with you was incredible fun!

-George and Petia



I have been meaning to write to you to let you know how much of a pleasure it was taking dance lessons with you for our wedding.

We initially had trouble finding a dance class that would do a good job but not come with an extremely high price. I selected Extreme Dancesport for its quality dance instruction, reasonable prices, and the pleasant, friendly staff. The business end was upfront, with fixed prices posted on the website, which was very helpful. The combination of 5 private lessons and 5 group lessons allowed us enough instruction without breaking the bank.

I wanted to let you know how the dance turned out. Helle, it was absolutely perfect. Ivan was able to use all of the moves you taught us, and despite our nervousness, danced the entire dance just fine! On top of all that, the dip turned out perfectly! I know this is because of the quality instruction you gave us, which really cemented the knowledge in our heads so we could dance under pressure.

What amazed me perhaps even more was the response of our guests. People were blown away. All night I heard how unbelievable our dance was. People said it was the best wedding dance they'd ever seen, and couldn't believe how we'd managed to learn it so quickly. I told them we had found the best dance instructor ever.

Thank you again for doing such a great job and being so fun to work with! I look forward to many more lessons with you and Extreme Dancesport.

Sept. '05


Dear Helle,

You made Rachel and me look so good! You really made it so easy for both of us. Thank you so much for teaching both of us to dance in just a few short weeks before our wedding. You really made it a lot of fun for both of us. For some reason, purely coincidentally, Rachel and I always seemed to get into a heated argument about wedding logistics about half an hour before our dance lessons. But after spending an hour dancing and laughing with you, Rachel and I left the studio on much better terms. So, you really helped us out tremendously on several different levels! You resolved many of our arguments too. Thank you for your extraordinary patience, your kind and personable approach, your fun teaching style, and lastly, your durable toes (that I stepped on one too many times!). Thank you for everything. Rachel and I really appreciated your support and guidance.

Jamie and Rachel
May 2006