Got questions? We got answers. Below is our most commonly asked questions. Browse through them and see if it helps. If not, you can always call or email us for any questions.

We’re getting married next month, and we both have very busy schedules. How much time should we devote to dance lessons?

While it is advisable to start early, we often give a "crash course" to couples with only a short time before the big day. We can arrange lessons at your convenience. A few private lessons with one of our professional instructors, along with a bit of practice, can make a BIG difference.

Our wedding is a year away. Is it too early to start taking dance lessons?

Absolutely not! In our experience in teaching wedding couples, we've learned that it's never too early to start. With the many preparations involved in weddings, we suggest you begin as soon as possible. Whether you choose group lessons, private lessons, or a combination of both, getting an early start allows you to pace yourselves comfortably and have some time for a little practice between lessons. Remember, you can use this newly found skill not only at your wedding but at other dance parties as well. You'll be the talk of the party. With a generous amount of preparations, many couples are eager to get out on the dance floor and strut their stuff!

We've chosen the song for our "first dance" but we don't want to do the silly "High School Sway." Can our instructor teach us to dance to our song with a little more pizzaz?

Absolutely! Bring your favorite song and the instructor will tailor simple steps that will suit both your song and your personalities in order to make your first dance together very special. You'll impress your guests and love watching it over and over again on video tape.

We prefer not to have our dance choreographed, but we do want to be able to dance together at our wedding. How do we go about this?

You can accomplish this in several ways. Group classes or wedding workshops are economical ways to learn and meet other people. Private lessons, which can be arranged at your convenience, will allow you and your fiance to progress at your own pace. We also offer discounted Wedding Packages to give you the best of both worlds.

We haven't chosen a wedding song yet. Can your dance instructors help us with this?

Absolutely! Frequently, couples look for some guidance when it comes to choosing a wedding song and our highly knowledgeable instructors are quite willing to make some wonderful suggestions, while taking your personal style into consideration. While we can teach a couple to dance to any song of their choice, experience has taught us that certain music is more natural to making a bride and groom look smooth and graceful on the dance floor.

Members of the bridal party and others have expressed an interest in taking dance lessons together before the wedding. Can this be arranged?

Definitely! Let us know the convenient days and times for everyone in your group and we'll make it happen with a private group class of your own. It's a great way for everyone to get to know one another! Another option would be to have your friends join one of our group classes. Gives us a call and we'll be happy to make some suggestions.

My dad feels he might benefit from a lesson or two before the "Father/Daughter" dance. Can I include our parents in the Wedding Package?

Yes, by all means! Moms and dads often want a refresher course before their big moments. If you'd like to include them in a few of your lessons, bring them along! They might surprise you!

After the wedding is over, can we continue to dance on a budget?

Yes! You may take lessons as seldom or often as you please. You can pay for one private lesson at a time or you can save by purchasing our convenient dance packages. Please refer to our Pricing page for a complete listing of our packages. Or simply call us at the studio 617-492-2122 for a more interactive approach.

Does private lessons mean private rooms?

No. You may end up having a private room for your private lesson depending on availability of the rooms but all rooms are shared by the instructors. This is standard practice with all dance studios as space is limited throughout the day and evening. Our instructors are trained in coordinating rooms and music to ensure students get the best possible dance experience.