Wedding Tips

We have taught hundreds of couples for their First Dance and we have practically seen it all. No matter what situation we face, we always make the best out of it. The most important thing is preparation and setting expectations. Follow these simple tips for a stress free wedding dance experience.

Tip #1 Budget Your Time for Dance Classes EARLY!

We can't tell you how many couples come in a week or two before their wedding and expect to have a fabulous dance routine! Different couples have different ability levels and different goals for their wedding dance. Do you just want to be able to stand and sway together for a few minutes without falling down? Do you want a flashy Tango routine choreographed from beginning to end? Or do you want a few steps and patterns sandwiched between a dramatic entrance and a romantic dip? Whatever your goals are, start your lessons EARLY and allow yourself some time to become comfortable dancing together.

Tip #2 Choose Your Music Wisely.

All wedding songs are not created equally. Some songs are more difficult to dance to than others. Different songs lend themselves to different dances. You could be doing a Foxtrot or a Swing or even a Rumba. (Chances are, your wedding song won't be a waltz). Bring us your favorite songs and we'll help you choose the music and dance style that suit you best.

Tip #3 Keep It Simple.

You’re first dance should be fun, not stressful. Even if you’re not new to partner dancing, keep your first dance simple. Now is not the time to try out that new aerial.

Tip #4 Bring Your Wedding Shoes.

You don’t have to dance in them the entire time, but you’ll want to get some practice wearing them before the big day.

Tip #5 Keep It Short.

First dances can drag, especially if the couple just stands there and sways back and forth? Don't be that couple. Invite your wedding party out to share the floor with you after the first minute or two.

Tip #6 Think About How You'll Move In Your Dress.

Ladies, be sure to find out how well you can move in your dress. Can you lift your arms above your head? Do your heels get caught in the hem? Is your tiara so tall that you won't be able to do an underarm turn?

Tip #7 Dip With a Straight Back.

Gentlemen, when you dip your partner, make sure to keep your back straight and don't bend over her. Lower her with your arms. We know it's tempting to bend into the dip to plant one on her, but wait until you bring her back up.

Tip #8 Have Fun!

Most importantly, have a great time! Smile, laugh, and enjoy the dance experience with each other. Who cares if you make a mistake. It's not the end of the world. It's all about having fun and cutting loose.